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Our business is your health.

Since 1989, Martec Industries, Inc. in California has offered quality brands of nutritional supplements to health-conscious consumers worldwide. Martec has been recognized by organizations demanding a commitment to quality and reliably accurate dosages of narrow target – as well as broad spectrum – vitamins, minerals, herbs and specialized nutritional supplements.

We understand the importance of providing a range of products that address preventative health objectives and long term lifestyle support. To cover a broad range of health, healing and wellness issues, our in-house experts research the latest combinations of ingredients that yield the best formulations for their purpose. We may also seek guidance from nutritional experts and scientific formulators. And we listen to our customers and what they’d like to see in our product line.

Just simply creating a product formula is not enough. How a product is produced is paramount to its quality and effectiveness. Our commitment to the highest quality control standards, organization, and scientific processes ensures our products meet or exceed the FDA’s GMP regulations for dietary supplements. Our products are thoroughly tested, from the ingredients to the finished product, for freshness, potency and efficacy. Stability testing further supports the potency for its shelf life.

We are family owned and operated. Currently our headquarters is in Arizona under Martec Industries LLC. We work with healthcare professionals, specialty retail outlets nationwide and international distributors to make sure you have access to certified nutritional supplements that you can trust for maximum effectiveness.

We care about you, our customer, and appreciate your support. In return, we will continually strive to provide the highest quality, best selection of nutritional supplements to meet your health needs.

Thank you for checking in with us!